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Hitting League Layout:

- Six sock nets will need to be set up and arranged around the batting cage in the balcony.

- No team will start in the batting cage.

- The batting cage will be divided into two sections.

- One coach will throw in each section of the cage.


Hitting League Rules:

- There will be 5 teams in the Hitting League.

- The number of players per team will be determined by how many players we have.

- All Hitting League participants must wear their Hitting League t-shirt to every session. If a player does not wear his Hitting League t-shirt to a session, he will be allowed to participate in the session, but his score will not count.

- There will be no additions to a team's roster after the second Hitting League session.


Hitting League Format:

- There will be a different hitting situation for each session.

- Each player will attempt three bunts; one to 1B line, one to 3B line, and one for a hit.

- Each player will get 15 consecutive swings.


Hitting League Sessions:

11-29 Line Drive (Team Black)

12-6 L Screen (Team Camo)

12-13 Oppo (Team Gray)

1-3 Skip (Team White)

1-10 Pirate Back Eye (Team Red)

1-17 L Screen (Team Black)

1-24 Oppo (Team Camo)

1-31 Pirate Front Eye (Team Gray)

2-7 Skip L Screen (Team White)

2-14 Line Drive (Team Red)

2-21 Skip Oppo (Team Black)

2-28 L Screen (Team Camo)

3-7 Pirate Front Eye Skip (Team Gray)


Individual Scoring:

- For each successful bunt, the player will receive 1 point.

- For each successful swing, the player will receive 1 point.

- The maximum # of points a player can earn is 18 during one session.

- In the event of two or more players with identical scores after one session, there will be a "hit-off" to determine the session winner.

- Hitting League "Session Champion" will be awarded to the individual winners of each session after all sessions have been completed.


Team Scoring:

- Each team will compile points based on the following:

- +1 point if every member of the team is present for that particular session.

- winning team will be determined by adding all successful bunt & swings of each team member & dividing by the total # of players on that team.

- +5 points for the winning team; +4 points for the second place team; +3 points for the third place team; +2 points for the fourth place team.

- the maximum # of points a team can earn is 6 during one session.

- Hitting League "Team Champions" will be awarded to the team with the most points after all sessions have been completed.